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  1. What is EGR ?
  2. What is NOx ?
  3. What is a DPF ?

  4. What is SCR ?
  5. What is DEF ?
What is EGR ?
EGR means Exhaust Gaz Recirculation. It's a system that collects a portion of the exhaust to bring it back to the engine to lower combustion temperature. EGR system is there to reduce NOx level.
What is NOx ?
NOx means Nitrous Oxyde, which is a toxic mix of gaz created from very high temperature of diesel combustion. NOx level is controlled by EGR valve, catalyst and SCR systems.

What is a DPF ?

A DPF is a filter installed on the exhaust of the truck. It collects and incinerates soot and ashes coming from the engine.
The incineration process is called REGENERATION.
What is SCR ?
SCR means Selective Catalytic Reduction. This system eliminates NOx almost completely by injecting DEF fluid in the exhaust catalyst. Combination of DEF and intense heat in the catalyst transforms NOx in steam.
What is DEF ?
DEF means Diesel Exhaust Fluid. It's a mix of 32.5% of urea and 67.5% of distilled water. Stored in a dedicated plastic tank near fuel tanks, it's injected in an exhaust catalyst (SCR) to reduce NOx.